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Tuition GCSE / KS3 / A-Level

With our GCSE Tuition, you get the help you need to succeed in your schoolwork, GCSEs and beyond.  We offer dedicated student-centred support classes and in-depth scholastic, personal & professional development opportunities.

Schools we work with in 2024.- Trinity Academy- Dunraven School- Bishop Thomas Grant School- Platanos College- Kingsdale Foundation School- More to come.....

What do we offer?

Do you want to boost your children's GCSE or A-level grades? Are your children falling behind at school? Do they need a boost in confidence, or do you want to give them the best opportunity possible? Tuition,  GCSE Tuition, and A-level tuition improve subject knowledge, boost confidence and ensure higher exam grades. Classes are tailored to each student's needs and offer much more than scholastic improvements.  Children who study at Langthorne benefit from knowledgeable staff who are happy to go the extra mile and strive to provide students with support that goes above and beyond what they will learn at school. We aim to help you produce well-rounded, knowledgeable students who can pass exams, excel at interviews and be comfortable in any professional situation.


Personalised one-to-one tuition – tailored to your needs and abilities.



Expert subject knowledge – to ensure you understand key concepts and topics.



Increased confidence – feel more confident and prepared for exams.



Improved grades – get the grades you need for university and beyond.



Professional Development – learn life skill and gain professional knowledge.

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